Open Law Draft
A smarter way to draft better laws. Reduce repetitive tasks so you can focus on the big things.

Open Law Draft is the world's first purpose-built legislative drafting assistant. Integrating seamlessly with existing workflow as a Microsoft Word plugin, Open Law Draft automatically finds common style, formatting, and language errors for you. This way you can focus on the important things, like the actual substance of the law.

Draft Consistently With Smart Assistance

Whether you use a template, a style guide, or something in between, you want your laws to be consistent. We know this gets harder and harder with all the people working on each law. Open Law Draft makes it easy for you to work across stakeholders and keep your laws consistent with a smart assistant that helps you stick to your formats and style.

Draft Efficiently With Fast Feedback

Spend time focusing on the substance of the law instead of hours looking for common style, formatting, and language errors. Open Law Draft automatically finds these errors so you don't have to spend time looking for them yourself. Do the important work and leave the rest for Open Law Draft.

Stick With Your Workflow

Other drafting assistants make you learn new tools and force you to remake workflows. But why work differently when you can just work better? Open Law Draft integrates with Microsoft Word, the workflow that you're already familiar with, so that you can focus on doing your job.

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Open Law Codify

Waiting months for your laws to be codified is a thing of the past. Open Law Codify is the world's most advanced codification engine, capable of codifying ten pages of law an hour and getting faster every day. And with our automated process, codification errors are reduced dramatically. You've already worked hard to pass the law, we make it easy to use it.

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Open Law Publish

Your laws are a valuable asset to you and your citizens. Make them easy to use and quick to access with Open Law Publish. Check off all the boxes with ADA compliant websites, speedy search, and computer-friendly formats that spur citizen innovation. Did we mention that your laws are published without copyright restrictions or onerous terms of service?

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We focus on better software, so you can focus on better government
Coming straight from the cloud, the Open Law Platform empowers your team to do better work with less overhead. As a Software-as-a-Service there are no big up-front costs or long implementation times when it's time to set up the platform and no ongoing IT maintenance requirements.

The Best Tools Today . . .

We focus on providing the most modern, up-to-date solutions that you and your citizens have come to expect. Whether it's responsive access on smartphones or complex natural language processing to understand your laws, we give you the very best.

. . . And Tomorrow

Our software is updated behind the scenes to fit your needs, so you can focus on fixing problems instead of fixing computers. As you improve your processes and want software that can keep up, the Open Law Platform will be right there with you.

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